K-Pop Girl Group Apink Celebrates 8th Anniversary by Asking ‘Everybody Ready?’


Is “Everybody Ready?” for another year of Apink?

The K-pop girl group got their start on April 19, 2011 with their fresh and sweet Seven Springs of Apink EP, and now they’re commemorating the eighth anniversary of that day with their new single “Everybody Ready?”

Out Friday (April 19), the funky pop song thrives on cheerful queries of the title bolstered by clapping beats, brassy horns, and the six members’ euphoric-layered vocals. A tune dedicated to their fans, “Everybody Ready?” is an energetic celebration of Apink and their lengthy career as one of South Korea’s most popular girl groups.

The song was released with a music video that shows the six members of Apink singing as they party it up in elegant lace dresses, and cuts those scenes with ones of them playing around on vacation, chilling out on a boat and by the seaside.

While perhaps less well-known outside of the peninsular country than other contemporary K-pop acts, Apink’s spent over half a decade dominating the local Korean music scene with hits like 2013's "NoNoNo" and 2014's "Luv." After becoming known over the years for their addicting singles and bright personalities with several members doubling as actors and television personalities, the group changed things up last year with the release of “I’m So Sick,” switching to a slinkier, more dramatic musical styling. That song, as well as this year’s “%% (Eung Eung),” reaffirmed Apink’s presence in the industry, and showed just how a girl group can mature gracefully as its members and audience age.