K-Pop Boy Band Winner Don’t Want to Be Friends in ‘Ah Yeah’ Watch


When it comes to love and friendship, there’s no friendzone in between. At least not according to what K-pop boy band Winner has to say with their new single “Ah Yeah.”

Released today (May 15) as the lead song on their new EP We, the quartet’s latest single is a spritely pop rock track that bounces along as the members declare their intentions of not continuing a relationship once romance has ended. “We should just promise/ I can't be friends with you/ Let's make this clear/ Sometimes it is heartless/ If you take out love/ We are supposed to be strangers," they sing following the titular choral hook.

As harsh as the meaning of the not-so-love song is, the tune siwtches off between mellow melodies and energetic sing-a-long-ready chants. It follows in the vein of last year’s “Millions,” putting forth a playful, exuberant vibe from the boy band even as they ruminate on heartbreak.   

The music video leans into the dichotomy of the lyrics and the song itself as Winner reflects on how they're contemplating resetting a friendship while playing around — sometimes literally, like when they take hold of video game controllers and try to decide whether they'll "quit" or "continue" on with the relationship. Full of colorful animations and sets, the serious subject matter is given a lighthearted take as the four members perform “Ah Yeah.”

Kang Seung Yoon, aka Yoon, co-composed the single while rappers Song Mino and Lee Seunghoon, Hoony, co-wrote the lyrics.

Along with “Ah Yeah,” We features five other tracks, including a remix of last year’s “Everyday.”

Watch the music video for Winner's “Ah Yeah” here: