K-Pop Boy Band BTOB Returns With Sentimental 'Only One For Me'


Korean boy band BTOB returned with “Only One For Me” on Monday (June 18), their first single 2018.

A sweet pop ballad co-written by BTOB’s Im Hyunsik, the single incorporates trop synths and a rhythmic, rock-influenced melody. Both playful and evocative, “Only One For Me” emphasizes the group’s strengths, showcasing their vocalists’ smooth tones and also giving their rappers a chance to show their dramatic flare.

The music video for “Only One For Me” shows the members BTOB enjoying the summer in the lap luxury, performing the song amid affluent rooms, a floating island, and partying it up as they cruise through the nighttime.  

“Only One For Me” fronts the group’s This Is Us album, a seven-track EP that follows last year’s Brother Act, which peaked at No. 14 on the World Albums chart. The new EP's release was preceded by “The Feeling,” an album B-side revealed on June 11; it is an atmospheric, anthemic pop ballad that closes out the EP.

BTOB got their start in 2012, and rose to prominence in South Korea in 2015 with the release their song “It's Okay.” Since then, the septet has largely shifted away from the dance tracks that are pervasive throughout the K-pop industry in favor a lighter brand contemporary pop.