K-Pop Boy Band AB6IX Debuts With ‘Breathe’ Music Watch


There’s a new boy band in the world of K-pop: five-member AB6IX released their first single “Breathe” today (May 22), along with their B:COMPLETE debut EP.  

A deep house track, “Breathe” is a tempo-shifting dance song that puts the focus on the synergy of the act’s members. It seamlessly flits between the breezy tones of the vocalists and the gruffer deliveries of the rappers to create a vibrant soundscape soaring with shimmering synths and groovy beats. Lyrically, the single is about how music gives AB6IX the freedom to “Breathe” through its “rhythm and beat.”

The song was released through a music video that introduces each of the men through scenes of them roaming around a variety of picturesque settings and cityscapes, only for them all to come together at the end of the clip to dance in the rain before making their way into a tunnel. Group shots of the quintet performing choreography are interspersed throughout, showcasing the act’s charismatic dancing.

Though AB6IX is a brand new act, it may look a bit familiar to those who follow the K-pop industry: four of the members appeared on the 2017 season of the competition show Produce 101, and two — Lee Daehwi and Park Woojin, made it into the final lineup of winning temporary boyband Wanna One, while Lim Youngmin and Kim Donghyun performed following the show as a duo known as MXM. A final member, Jeon Woong, was added to the lineup of the now-quintet.

AB6IX is signed to Brand New Music, a South Korean company more closely associated with hip-hop acts than pop ones. Aside from MXM, which was formed in the aftermath of Produce 101 while Lee and Park were participating in Wanna One, AB6IX is the entertainment company’s first boy band. Prior to their first formal release today, they also released the song “Hollywood” late last month. 

Along with "Breathe" and "Hollywood," B:COMPLETE features five other songs. All of the members, aside from Jeon, are credited as songwriters on the B:COMPLETE EP, with Lee credited as a composer of the single.

AB6IX will make their first Stateside appearance at KCON New York in July.