K. Michelle Shows Off Surgical Scars Since Getting Butt Implants Removed


K. Michelle has been very open in the past about the surgery she underwent to remove butt implants that were slowly infecting her body. “I looked in the mirror today and didn’t look like a sexy ant! Lol! I’m so tiny and cute. And this butt of mine is all mine and I’m still bootylicious naturally,” she said after one of her first surgeries.

K. Michelle has since announced a new show that will see her coping with other women in her position and ahead of its release, the 34-year-old has hopped on Instagram to get even more candid. In the clip below, Michelle is seen showing off her physique and explaining how she will always have a dent in her hip from the tissue that had to be removed from her. “You can live with it, you can be sick, you can be achy, but I wasn’t with it,”she said. 

“I’ve gone through a physical transformation, a mental transformation, I think I’m more tough,” she previously stated. “I’ve always been a fighter and able to survive but it’s made me pay attention to other people around me and all the things I take for granted. Now, I don’t take a minute for granted.”