K-Lo Master Outlaw Is A Real Gentleman On New Tracks “Ain’t She Hood” + “Handling Business (What Else)”


K-Lo Master Outlaw is showing a different side of his versatile personality. His latest release, “Ain’t She Hood” is proving how much of a real gentleman the skilled rapper-songwriter is, paying his respects to the women he loves, with a fun vibe and his signature smooth flow. K-Lo Master Outlaw’s music is unlike that of most other rappers in the field, as he adds funky textures here and there, as well as a heavy dose of confidence in the execution of the track. 

K-Lo Master Outlaw is also releasing a new track, “Handling Business (What Else), this time going all-in with a traditional form of rap reminding us of the iconic artists who have brought the genre to worldwide fame in the 90’s. 

Stream K-Lo Master Outlaw’s latest releases below: