K.Flay Is Fed Up With ‘Collective Inaction’ On Climate Change in ‘Not in California’ Watch


It's not a coincidence that K.Flay's new video debuted on the same day the United Nations' global climate summit took place (Monday, Sept. 23). In fact, that was entirely the point. 

On her song "Not in California," K.Flay was already singing about the disturbing lack of reaction from society to the devastation of climate change (the line "The babies all cry as the scientists try/ But the politicians keep on screamin'" hits particularly hard).

But in her new video, the star sends home the point even further, depicting a world where heaps of trash and debris are the new normal to address "our collective inaction on climate change, and the sense of disbelief that I think so many of us feel,” as she wrote in a statement.

Opening with K.Flay using one mound of garbage as a pool floatie, the video follows the singer as she dances her way through a refuse-filled neighborhood, the whole time wondering how this happened. Eventually, she decides to take action by walking around the neighborhood and cleaning up -- except when a group of wealthy neighbors see her doing it, they call what appears to be a police force who come and arrest K.Flay, and dump her picked-up waste back on the ground, revealing the true dystopian setting of the video. 

In a statement, K.Flay made it abundantly clear that while the video does take place in an alternate setting (the same timeline, in fact, as her previous videos for "Bad Vibes" and "Sister"), it's not a far stretch from reality. "We're looking out at a world that is getting hotter and scarier by the day, and still nothing seems to compel the government to take action," she said. "The video imagines a trash universe in which social isolation and littering and bad policing are the status quo -- a universe that doesn't feel so different from ours now.”

Check out K.Flay's new video for "Not in California" below: