K. C. Porter’s ‘La Pared’ Video Is a Riveting Call to Tear Down Walls: Exclusive


The video for “La Pared,” K. C. Porter’s first single from his upcoming album Cruzanderos (due out Sept. 20 on Altafonte Music), is built over cartoons. But the content is not meant to be amusing in the traditional sense of the word.

“La Pared” (The Wall) is a call to tear down border “walls," illustrated by the travails of a father and daughter divided at the border. “La Pared” is his first single as a soloist, featuring singer Allison Iraheta and rapper Olmeca in a mix of pop, tropical and reggaeton.

The video, premiering exclusively Billboard today (Aug. 5), was directed by Rubén Giménez of Spanish production company Hero Studio.

Porter, the American songwriter and producer who is known best for his award-winning work in the Latin music space (Selena, Ricky Martin, Luis Miguel, Maná, Santana), lived in Guatemala for ten years since the age of seven, and is not only fully fluent in Spanish, but also fully understands Latin music, its artists and its themes.

Get a first look at the new video below.