Juventino Ojito & Linica Celebrate Barranquilla and Colombia in 'Vida Hay Una Sola' Premiere


The latest installment Colombia’s music and tourism campaign, "Colombia, Land Sabrosura," arrives today (Sept. 7) with a music video for “Vida Hay Una Sola” (There’s Only One Life), a collaboration between Colombian cumbia band Juventino Ojito y su Son Macaná and singer Linica. 

Linked to Barranquilla — hometown Latin superstar Shakira — as a destination, the video features Ojito, a highly regarded clarinetist and saxophone player who has been nominated for a Latin Grammy for his take on Colombian cumbia. In the video he plays with his band, along with Linica, among iconic vistas Barranquilla and its legendary Magdalena river as well as the fabled Barranquilla carnival.

The song and video are the latest in Colombia’s music and tourism campaign, developed by ProColombia. Titled Colombia, Land Sabrosura (the hard-to-translate term “sabrosura” refers to that ineffable charm that can almost be tasted), the campaign features 13 music videos, each featuring top Colombian recording artists representing genres and styles that are paired with corresponding areas the country. 

Watch the “Vida Hay Una Sola” video below.