Justin Timberlake’s ‘It’s Gonna Be May’ Meme: Every Version of the *NSYNC Lyric-Turned-Viral Sensation


It's April 30, which means one thing in the eyes of *NSYNC fans: It's Gonna Be May.

While the song "It's Gonna Be Me" has been around since 2000 (when *NSYNC released their sophomore album No Strings Attached), fans caught on to the viral pre-May celebration in 2012 after BuzzFeed posted a picture of an April calendar with a picture of Justin Timberlake taped to the 30th, reading "It's Gonna Be May." Since then, several memes have surfaced featuring a curly haired Timberlake and beyond, creating a hilarious annual Internet frenzy.

Timberlake and Lance Bass have joined the meme fun over the years, too. Below, check out all of the versions of Timberlake's "It's Gonna Be May" memes, with some that expand beyond JT.



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My favorite season! Who’s getting excited for April 30th??! ————

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