Justin Jesso Makes Unrequited Love Look Sexy in 'My Body' Exclusive


Love, when unreturned, hangs on our hearts like a heavy weight. You can't just wash it away with a cold shower. It lingers and haunts you, at least for a little while, but it can be spun into creative gold. 

Kygo collaborator Justin Jesso, whom dance fans will recognize as the singer from the producer's hit "Stargazing," taps into these murky waters for his debut solo single "My Body." It's a fresh R&B pop croon about seeing the signs and still taking that left turn toward love's dead end. It's a big step for Jesso, so he teamed up with acclaimed video director Darren Craig to shoot a racy, metaphoric music video. Think moody red and blue lights and lots sexy lingerie imagery.

Jesso isn't the only Kygo associate to go solo; "Permanent" singer JHart recently debuted his first solo effort.

Jesso's "My Body" is out in full on Columbia Records Thursday, July 19, but you can whet your appetite with Jesso's big move toward solo artist with the music video below, exclusively on Billboard Dance.