Justin Jay Hangs Tight On ‘I Know Ur Out There,’ Announces LP Track List & Tour Dates


Feeling particularly lonely lately? Do you doubt your ability to be loved? We all get that way sometimes, almost certain we're destined to live out our days as a solo act. But even in these feelings, you're not alone. Justin Jay is there with you, and he got down in his living room with his guitar and his laptop, pressed "record" on his built-in computer mic and wrote a beautiful song to remind us all to keep the faith.

"I Know Ur Out There" is the latest single from his forthcoming album Everything Will Come Together, Pt. 1. It's an equally bright and brooding piece of music that moves through as many soundscapes as we humans do emotional peaks and valleys. It begins soft and slow, meandering through the moments when you feel lost for sure, but soon, Jay rips the curtains open and lets the club lights in. This is a beat you can keep your head up to, one that inspires your feet to keep moving, one step at a time.

Jay will celebrate the release of Everything Will Come Together, Pt. 1 by getting his full band back together. They're called The Fantastic Voyage, and the crew have all been friends since college. It's magic when they get together, and they're hitting the road for a few select dates across the United States from late May to late June.

Check below to peep the full list of Fantastic Voyage tour dates as well some solo Jay gigs. We've got the exclusive first-look at the Everything Will Come Together, Pt. 1 tracklist, too, and of course, "I Know Ur Out There" is below, ready for the jammin'.

Everything Will Come Together, Pt. 1 track list
1. I Know Ur Out There
2. Learn
3. I’m Shy When I’m Around You
4. Like That
5. When I Met U ft. Benny Bridges
6. She’s Afraid To Choose ft. The California Honeydrops
7. Who’s To Blame
8. Make Everything (Prelude)
9. Make Everything (Okay)
10. Feels
11. Dream State

Everything Will Come Together, Pt. 1 tour dates
May 26 - Tempe, AZ @ Shady Park

June 2 - San Francisco, CA @ Hotel VIA

June 9 - Chicago, IL @ Estate Rooftop

June 15 - NYC, NY @ Circle Line Cruises

June 22 - Genius Fest @ Baja Norte MX

June 29 - Denver, CO @ Club Vinyl

Additional Solo Dates
April 20 - Indio, CA @ The Do Lab Stage at Coachella

April 26 - Orlando, FL @ Celine

May 3 - Honolulu, HI @ Hawaiian Brian’s

May 5 - Los Angeles, CA @ Dirtybird BBQ

May 17-19 - Gulf Shores, AL @ Hangout Music Festival