Justin Bieber Reportedly Won't Face Charges For Punching A Guy At Coachella


Justin Bieber’s been living it up at Coachella. He was seen chatting with the now famous yodeling kid, catching up with Post Malone and bouncing all over the festival grounds with different celebrities. As we reported previously, the 24-year-old found himself in an altercation after he allegedly punched a man in the face that was choking out a woman. According to TMZ, Biebz played hero and seemingly because that he won’t be facing charges. 

The incident went down on Saturday as the cops were called to handle an incident involving the Biebs. Once they arrived, there were no witnesses who could claim Justin went after the man. The choker doesn’t want to press charges so now the case is closed. 

Justin and his crew were at a party when the man entered and grabbed his “ex” by her throat. When Justin tried to get him f, the man told him to “Go f**k yourself” and that’s seemingly when the punch arrived. The guy pushed Justin up against the wall and the woman slipped out and was gone. The guy was eventually kicked out the party, and reportedly chased an SUV he thought Justin was in – he was arrested shortly after.