Justin Bieber Gifts Manager Scooter Braun With A Framed Shirtless Photo Of Himself


Justin Bieber has been in a joking mood as of late. The “Sorry” singer recently joked about challenging Tom Cruise to a fight, even though many people were quite interested in seeing it go down. The latest of his jokes sees him gifting his beloved manager, Scooter Braun, with a framed image of himself shirtless with his hands in his pants.

The present was for Scooter’s 38th birthday party that took place in West Hollywood yesterday and the caption alongside the thoughtful gift read: “Happy Birthday Scooter … You’re welcome I’m awesome.”

Justin and Scooter are not just business partners but have become close friends since the start of Justin’s career. Back when Justin was going through a dark time in his career and personal life, Scooter vowed to not give up on him and help him through.  

“I was not going to give up on him, I was not going to let him die, I was not going to put him in that position of: ‘Oh, let’s just keep him working,’” he previously stated.

“At the end of the day, I would choose this result over what I was dealing with, a thousand times over,” he added of his eventual resurgence and faith in God. “The best thing that happened to Justin Bieber is that he found God. He was able to remove himself from being worshipped, and realise he’s in service to others. Because I don’t think human beings are built to be worshipped.”