Justin Bieber Challenges Tom Cruise To A UFC Cage Fight, Conor McGregor Chimes In


Justin Bieber is quite an unpredictable man. When he was a little younger, the artist would continually find himself in weird situations. We all remember his aggressive run-ins with paparazzi and his peeing-in-a-bucket incident. Biebs has grown up so much over the last few years, finding his faith and getting married to Hailey Baldwin. Still, he often connects with his playful side to give his fans a little bit of a laugh. On April Fool’s Day, he stole everybody’s attention when he shared a photo of a sonogram on his social feed, leaving many to assume that his wife had gotten pregnant. He even told us that he was not trolling, only to reveal that it was an elaborate prank hours later. Today, Biebervelli finds himself back in the news after he randomly challenged Tom Cruise to a fight in the octagon.

It’s a fight that nobody knew they actually wanted to see. Of all the high stakes match-ups available in the land of combat sports, Justin Bieber and Tom Cruise was never a bout we would have said that we were excited for. Here we are today though, speaking about the possibility of a fight between the two celebrities and people are pretty stoked about it. Taking to Twitter, Biebs shocked his fans by calling out Tom Cruise from seemingly out of nowhere, requesting a duel in the octagon and begging him to accept. To add fuel to the fire, Conor McGregor said that his company will proudly host the event if Cruise decides to go through with it. He does all his own stunts but can he take down a pop star like Justin Bieber?

Who do you think would win the fight?