Juliane reaches for her goals on "Letting Go"


Canadian singer-songwriter Juliane‘s new single “Letting Go” is a mid-tempo, soulful and uplifting track that sees her collaborating with writer Steven Robinson (Selena Gomez, Mr. Talkbox) and  Grammy-winning producer David “Swagg R’Celious” Harris (H.E.R/Kehlani/Elle Varner) and Alex Villasana. Armed with honeyed vocals and a commanding demeanor she delivers a soothing record that deals with setting aside one’s insecurities and forging ahead in achieving goals instead.


The Montreal based singer ‘s previous single ‘Feel Good Today’  released last year, has achieved over 320,000 streams on Spotify and appeared on numerous playlists including Spotify’s Friday Find’s, Release Radar and Discover Weekly.

You can catch Juliane playing live in Montreal at Le Ministere on 28th May 2019 with more shows to follow.