Julian Jermaine is Making Waves in the Music Industry


My name is Julian Jermaine, I was born and raised in Saginaw Michigan on the city’s Northside. Same birthplace as Stevie Wonder and Draymond Green. I was also partially raised in Youngstown Ohio. Right in the heart of the mahoning valley notoriously known for its mafia presence and influence from the nineteen forties and throughout the early nineteen nineties. Growing up in the Northeast and Midwest was tough, so it created a tough philosophy within me.

I love what I do because I represent the over-comers. I love reaching into people’s souls, hearts, and emotions with my storytelling, realness, and relatable songwriting. I want to help push hip-hop back into a more creative individually unique genre within my atmosphere. I’m myself I can look in the mirror and say I’m not playing a character. What you see is what you get. Everybody in music is following a certain trend, but I give people a friend from the neighborhood type of vibe.
I want to let my future fans know I go through things just like them. I speak on things that are hard for artists to talk about, but I still can deliver bars with the best lyricists to date. I am the streets mixed with an introspective swagger. I’m
a Ghetto motivational speaker feeling my way through.

I see myself as an accomplished wealthy artist who did it my way with a huge fan base and established record label. And flourishing as an entrepreneur. I will have at that point helped put my entire immediate family in a position to be successful.

I want to first and foremost be a great steward with my gift and to help others get through the tough issues of life with my music and my speaking ability.

I want to build a successful brand and business to bring new ideas, creations, shows, music, and films to life through my perspective

I want to also step into philanthropy and assist the world in easing some of its anguish. Music will continually be at the forefront of what I accomplish.

I also want to cut off the incorrect belief that if you are of aboriginal and African descent living in the ghettos of America you can’t be smart and street at the same time. It’s ok to show a positive image while telling your story.

I bring art, lyricism pure passion, and soul. I’m essentially a new artist with a golden-age flow, but my styles are updated and very relatable. I bring truth, I’m not an artist to talk about things I haven’t done or witnessed before. I’m bringing creativity and street soul back to this industry.

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