JuJu Responds To Cam’ron: "I’ll Keep My Receipts To Myself"


Cam’ron and JuJu are exes at odds as a two-word comment has led to the pair going tit-for-tat on Instagram. To recap: On Wednesday, Cam’ron shared a photo on ‘Gram that said twerk videos were a thing of the past and reading out loud was the new sexy flex. It was reposted by The Shade Room and the rapper’s ex, JuJu, slipped in the comment section and wrote, “Whew chile.”

Even though the pair haven’t been together in two years, the brief response had Cam’ron feeling a certain type of way, so he uploaded an almost-three minute video where he put JuJu on blast. He said he dumped her because she threatened one of his co-workers and tried to have too much influence over his business. He then moved on to some tea spilling when he stated, “I got you on Love & Hip Hop. I helped you get Candy Jewels Hair. I negotiated the best first-time person on Love & Hip Hop [deal] and that contract you got. I got you that money. You still on for two, three seasons now and I’m happy for you. I supported you when you got your butt done, when you got your breast done, the lip hair laser removal, everything. I loved you with that. I was with you before that. And I still have love for you.”

JuJu responded to Cam’ron by sharing a photo of herself as a teenager to disprove some of his claims. On the post-and-delete image she captioned the picture by writing, “16 yo Ju…if you know me from school you know…& that’s just that on that. Never will say anything about anyone I had love for in the past & never Will not my character period.. First I was boring.. now this .. God Bless.”

She ended things with: “I’ll keep my receipts to myself, will never stoop down. I guess ‘whew Chile ‘ is a crime. Believe what y’all want.”