Juice WRLD Shotguns Weed Smoke Into His Girlfriend’s Mouth: Watch


Some of the topics you’ll hear discussed in a Juice WRLD song include drug use, love, heartbreak, depression and more. A couple of those can be found in the Chicago rapper’s latest social upload. The star is well-known for his hitmaking ability but, for the most part, he’s generally a low-key dude. Juice is active on social media and lately, he’s been focused on spending time with his girlfriend, getting closer to her and considering her his one and only. The most recent instance of him proving this came in the form of a video that was added to his Instagram profile.

There are no shadows in Juice WRLD’s room in this post. The man truly is in love and his girl appears to be sticking around for the long run. In a new video, the couple lays down together as they inhale smoke from a lit joint. Instead of passing the weed over to his partner though, Juice WRLD got romantic with his actions, leaning into her face and blowing smoke into her mouth.

“Can’t come down from the high you give me,” wrote the rapper in his caption, playing around with his words. “Sometimes it feels like the worlds against me and I feel so empty, but when ur With me it fills me and exposes the real me.”

Do you think Juice WRLD has found the one?