Juice WRLD Misses Eminem’s Prime: "The Game Is Motherfu*king Soft"


Juice WRLD was only two years old when Eminem‘s Marshall Mathers LP dropped, but it’s likely the young rapper has researched the scope of its legacy. For those too young to remember, Eminem’s sophomore album was, at the time of its release, considered to be at the upper echelon of “offensive” music, prompting pickets and protests from various advocacy groups. Today, it’s not uncommon for people to reflect on an alternate timeline, in which Em’s MMLP released in today’s cultural climate. Would the Detroit legend find himself and his work celebrated, or simply canceled? 

Juice WRLD Misses Eminem's Prime: "The Game Is Motherfu*king Soft"

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Juice WRLD recently revealed his own cynical thoughts on the topic, implicitly stating that Em’s classic album would be held to a much harsher social scrutiny today. Interestingly enough, the rapper appeared frustrated by the perceived sensitivity of the modern listener, who seem shocked that their favorite rappers may or may not have engaged in some violent, or otherwise illicit activity. During an interview with NME, Juice reflected on his own experience with backlash, which arrived after namedropping Drake and subliminally alluding to his baby-mama Sophie Brusseaux. “I might fu*k Alexis Texas, But I ain’t on no Drake shit, I won’t get her pregnant,” he rapped, on Lil Yachty‘s “Yacht Club.”

“I’m sick of people saying it’s a diss when it’s not. People wanna see us fall out,” says Juice. ““You an Eminem fan at all? A perfect example. When he first came out, what was he doing? Talking shit. About who? E-v-e-r-y-b-o-d-y. Everybody! Some people took it as offensive; others took is as funny. The rap game now – I’m sorry to say it – but it’s so motherfu*king soft. You can’t do anything without someone being offended nowadays. When did we become so soft?” 

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