Juice WRLD Hits Funk Flex With 840 Seconds Of Straight Bars


At this point, there’s little else to say about Funkmaster Flex’s undying appetite for bars. It’s rather simple. His very survival depends on them. Given that he’s currently enjoying his fiftieth year of life, it’s safe to say he’s been choosing his company wisely. Yet it should be noted that Flex tends to favor those of, how shall I put this, an experienced nature. His attitude toward the lyrical stylings of the younger generation can occasionally come off as unimpressed. Given that many newer rappers have forsaken bar-spitting in favor of a more melodic approach, it’s no wonder Flex’s demeanor can occasionally come off as crotchety; who doesn’t get a little irritated when hungry? 

Juice WRLD Hits Funk Flex With 840 Seconds Of Straight Bars

Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images

Luckily, Juice WRLD has enough Old Head Energy to entertain the notorious Flex, who has made sure to keep the young rapper in his contact list. Today, Juice has come through with another dose of bars, once again carrying his tradition of prolonged, high density freestyle sessions. His latest clocks in at a respectabnle fourteen minutes, and finds Juice blending off-the-dome lines with some impeccable pre-writtens. In truth, the transition between the two is difficult to discern, which speaks to Juice’s ability as a quick-thinking technician. 

Check this one out now, and be sure to support the young rappers willing to keep the art of freestyling alive.