Juelz Santana Reportedly Flees Newark Airport After TSA Finds Gun In His Bag


It appears Juelz Santana might be in the trouble with law. According to a report from NBC New York, the former Dipset rapper was going through security at Newark Liberty International Airport on Friday, when a gun was found in his bag. Santana, whose real name is LaRon Louis James, then allegedly ran away from the security checkpoint & fled the scene entirely once they found it.

According to law enforcements sources, Santana was going through security screening at around 6 p.m. EST when TSA agents found the gun in his bag. He then fled the scene, possibly jumping into a taxi. Juelz reportedly just left everything behind him, including his luggage & the bag where the gun was found.

As a result the incident, Port Authority Police Department are currently looking for Juelz Santana at the moment.

There’s really no other information at this time, as cops are still looking for Juelz, but we’ll be sure to keep you posted once anything further is revealed.

Check out the tweet (below) and read NBC’s local report here.