Juelz Santana Asks Judge For Permission To Travel To Provide For Family: Report


Thing haven’t been the greatest for Juelz Santana in recent times. A few months back, the rapper was caught with a firearm at an airport and fled the scene before turning himself in to the authorities. Last week, it was reported that the rapper has been indicted on two charges for his trying to bringing a loaded gun on the plane. The rapper was released on a $500K bond and placed on house arrest at his mother’s home in New Jersey. However, the problem is that this prevents him from being able to work and now, he’s asked the judge for permission to travel in order to support his family.

TheBlast reports that Juelz Santana has asked the for permission to travel outside New Jersey in order to provide for his children and his girlfriend, Kimbella. Prior to the weekend, the rapper wrote a letter to the judge on his case and asked if he could be able to travel out New Jersey while still on bond. He explained that he’s followed all the conditions his release but touring is his primary source income.

The letter reads, “It is crucial that he be able to work until this matter is resolved.”

The report claims that the U.S attorney on the case is “not inclined” to give Juelz Santana a permit to travel while on bond. Santana is seeking to attend the Rolling Loud Festival in Miami and says this is a “substantial opportunity” given the fact that he claims there isn’t much work opportunities for him in New Jersey.

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