Joywave Team Up With Marvel Comics to Unveil New Song ‘Obsession’: Listen


Joywave have debuted their new song "Obsession" today (Aug. 9), in partnership with Marvel Comics. The infectrious track was announced the back of select Marvel Comics titles, including Absolute Carnage #1, a new Avengers story.

The track is led by a fuzzy bassline and funk-infused guitars. "There's something lurking in the back of my mind/ And lately I feel it sliding into the light," frontman Daniel Armbruster sings, exuding cynicism. Lyrically, it'll take you into the depths of Joywave's dark mind, but sonically you'll feel as if you've been transported to a late-night disco.

"I’m sure I’m not the only person who does this, but I have a tendency to latch onto work, or art, or any number of things, to keep other, scarier thoughts in check," Armbruster says in the accompanying commentary. "As long as I’m focused and feel a sense of purpose, I’m ok."

"I’ve always had this fear that if I stop and look behind me I’ll say 'wow, I’ve come really far' or 'wow, I’m really high up right now' and fall," he adds. "I meant that figuratively of course, unless I’m in a glass elevator. I hate glass elevators."

"Obsession" follows "Like a Kennedy," a politically-charged ballad released in June. The band is currently gearing up to follow their 2017 album Content with another full-length.

Listen to Joywave's "Obsession" and check out the comic announcement below.