Joyner Lucas Releases "Tully" App To Protect Unreleased Music & More


Joyner Lucas and Dhruv Joshi collaborated to release a new innovative app which holds the potential to revolutionize the music industry. The app was previously mentioned via a tweet wherein Lucas commented on Ugly God getting his unreleased tracks leaked by a fan following a comprising situation. Accordingly, Joyner Lucas admitted the rapper should have used his new app as it protects unreleased tracks from any sort of leaks. Hence, if you were wondering what the rapper was referring to, you may want to look into the Tully app. 

The Tully app caters to every facet of the musical experience, from production to penning lyrics. It allows its users to record vocals, write lyrics, find rhymes, and bounce mix ideas–all in one screen. The music-focused app was created to facilitate the creative process of an artist and offer a truly collaborative space. For instance, you may invite an engineer, import productions and most importantly, you can safely store unreleased music. The latter offers a secure, expansive and multifaceted environment for peak artistic performance. Moreover, considering it is an application, you may access it whenever and wherever you are. If the impulse strikes, as it often does for talent like Joyner Lucas, you can pull up the app and get to work. Along with being its creators, both Joyner and Dhruv are Tully app premium users, constantly searching for ways to better the app for its users and building a tool which delivers artistic success with modern technological methods.