Joyner Lucas & Logic Unite On "ISIS": Who Had The Best Verse?


Though Logic and Joyner Lucasonce engaged on opposite sides of the battlefield, it seems as if the guidance of Royce Da 5’9″ has worked wonders in uniting them. At least, should Logic’s closing testament hold water: “And 5’9″ was the middleman to get ’em in the same room, now we on the same tune.” Enter “ISIS,” the latest single off Joyner Lucas’ anticipated ADHD album, which already yielded both “I Love” and “Devil’s Work” for our consumption. With a combative video continuing to make waves, the aggressive and braggadocious bout of lyrical sparring has once again reignited the interest of both respective fanbases.

Yet in the spirit of healthy competition, difficult questions must be asked. Now that you’ve had time to let “ISIS” sink in, why not cast your vote in favor of the hardest verse? While Joyner had the home field advantage, given that the track derives from his own album, many have been praising Logic’s contribution as a return to form of sorts, a calculated flashback to his prime. After all, Confessions Of A Dangerous Mind was met with a tepid response, delivered to a zeitgeist that seems to derive pleasure from tearing the man down. 

In any case, a true lyricist relishes in the rush of competitive spirit, so be sure to vote for your favorite “ISIS” verse in the poll below.