Joyner Lucas Helps the Homeless in ‘Broke and Stupid’ Watch


Joyner Lucas helps the homeless on Lakeside Drive of Worcester, Massachusetts in the video for "Broke and Stupid," released on Thursday (June 27).

The clip begins with a woman telling her heartbreaking truth to the camera: "I'm homeless because my father died of HIV. He was the only primary I had. So after that, I just kind of lost it." 

After that, the Grammy-nominated Worcester rapper takes us through town to see all of the locals who are struggling. "This the shit I dreamed about when I was only four/ Sugar, water, mac and cheese, we were broke and poor," he raps. Despite his major success as of late, he's still staying humble and returning to his roots where it all started.

We see shots of Lucas performing among the locals, hanging out around neighborhood spots like Kelley Square, and the homeless getting shaves and haircuts at the Main Street YMCA.

"Broke and Stupid" is from Lucas' forthcoming album, ADHD. Watch the video below.