Josh Hart Shades Head Coach Frank Vogel With Anti-Analytics Rant


Josh Hart is one of the more vocal players on the Los Angeles Lakers as he isn’t afraid to let his feelings be known when it comes to the game of basketball and what’s going on with the franchise. Hart recently appeared on Gilbert Arenas’ The No Chill Podcastwhere he talked about a plethora of issues, including analytics. As you can imagine, Hart isn’t a big fan of analytics and went on a mini-rant about how much he hates being told how to play the game by people without any athletic prowess.

“We got people who never hooped before doing all the analytics and bulls–t. They never hooped before. Trying to tell us what to do. Like, we’ve trained our whole life.” Hart said. “We’re adults. We try to be professional about it…bust our ass, work out, do all that. You telling me that this dude that’s 45 that never played, doesn’t have an athletic bone in his body, gonna tell me how to play basketball?”

Some thought Hart was taking shots at his new head coach Frank Vogel, who has been known to engage in the more analytical side of the game. Vogel also played very little basketball when he was young, which led even more people to make the connection. Hart made matters worse when he took to Twitter and doubled down on his claims.

“I love when people who don’t know anything about basketball try to give their opinion,” Hart wrote. “If yall knew that much yall wouldn’t be where yall are.”

Once again, the Lakers show us why they’re one of the most entertaining teams in basketball.