Jordy Grapples With Jealousy & Loneliness on ‘Everybody’s Falling in Love (But Not Me)’: Watch


As cuffing season quickly approaches, people everywhere are looking to find that special someone that they can lock down for the foreseeable future. For rising pop artist Jordy, that can be a hard thing to watch. 

On Friday (Sept. 6) Jordy debuted his latest single "Everybody's Falling in Love (But Not Me)," a sultry pop jam (with a lyric video premiering below) that follows Jordy as he navigates his way through this tough time of year, watching as all of his friends find romantic partners, leaving him alone. "I hope it happens tonight/ 'Cause I've been patient, please don't waste my time," he croons. 

In an interview with Billboard, Jordy says that after catching lonely feelings, he decided that the only remedy was to dance. "I remember during the actual session, there was a part of me that needed an emotional pick me up, so the song organically turned into a dark dance pop track," he says. "I wanted to be honest and vulnerable, but also needed to dance out the negativity. I love making sad songs that make you dance."

The new song comes on the heels of Jordy's debut EP that he put out independently in 2018. The singer says that while finding success without label backing can be tough, he couldn't have picked a better time to start doing it. "Anyone can put their music out in the world, and it has created an unbelievable community of artists who support and love each other," he says. "At the end of the day, it’s about the music."

As for his future plans, Jordy says he's eager to get his music in front of more live audiences, if only for the pure joy of performing for his fans. "It’s one thing to see people’s responses to my music on social media but it’s even better to be experiencing it all together in person," he says.

Take an exclusive look at Jordy's new lyric video for "Everybody's Falling in Love (But Not Me)" below: