Jordan Pope's "Black Rose" EP is something you need to listen to


Bay area-based rising emcee Jordan Pope just released his newest EP titled “Black Rose“. The 5 track project is a pround outlook on life as a black man. The project is layered with multi-faceted topics where each song delivers the journey struggle and abjection to spiritual and material liberation. The project might be short but it sure packs a heavy punch. Hit the play button and get familiar.


Jordan Pope is an independent rising rapper & singer from the Bay Area. Born in LA but moved to Vallejo where he spent most his life with frequent trips to Galveston, Texas. With a unique background having two siblings being born with disabilities, he has developed intense compassion for others which is felt in his music.
Although originally a multi-instrumentalist and sound engineer, mixing/mastering all his own music, he is easily recognized and appreciated for his captivating flow & content. Influenced by impassioned and thought provoking artists from M. Jackson and Stevie Wonder to Bob Marley and Tupac, Jordan is dedicated to bringing the uncommon combination in modern Hip Hop quality and substance — a world enjoyment and value to the listener’s experience.



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