Jordan Peele's "Us" Shares A Lot With "The Proud Family Movie:" Watch


When you consider Jordan Peele's new horror film, Us, you most likely do not consider The Proud Family Movie. Luckily Someone did. A graphic designer from Toronto named Jose Anaya, was watching advert rewatching the trailer for Us when, impulsively he linked the dots: "I am a giant fan and I most likely watched the trailer for Us a few dozen occasions earlier than it clicked in my head that it felt like The Proud Family Movie." Watch the trailer for Us and an excerpt from The Proud Family Movie and see should you can spot any similarities:

Not precisely probably the most comparable apart from the truth that there are two households. The remixed model, with the audio of Us and the photographs of The Proud Family, makes excellent sense while you see every part all mashed collectively:

The video ultimately got here to the eye of Peele himself, who shared it on Twitter. Anaya informed Buzzfeed: "general I am simply glad so many individuals loved the video. I used to be blown away after I noticed that Jordan Peele himself preferred it and I actually appreciated that he took the time to search out the unique hyperlink to my YouTube video and put up it."