Jordan Peele’s "Us" Expected To Garner Over 68 Million Opening Weekend


Jordan Peele’s Us has amassed the type of fanfare normally associated with Marvel projects or reboots from yesteryear. That’s because Peele’s deft touch is his own to bear. He owns the master tapes, the production house, and the keys to any scriptwriting project of his choosing.

It all came to be two years ago, when his film Get Out helped promulgate a brand new subgenre within the horror tradition, one where the social undertones are almost as chilling as the garish cinematography.

As Deadline just reported moments ago, early box office projections for Us were actually a bit short. Apparently, Us is more likely to garner an astounding 68+, in the millions, this weekend alone. The only concern coming out the gate was that early critic scores for Us, while positive, falls short of the ratings accrued by Get Out several years ago.

Even if Us were to fall short of those lofty expectations, perhaps closer to 60 million in revenue, that would still make it the highest grossing R-rated film on opening weekend, and the 2nd highest opening weekend of 2019 behind Captain Marvel, who funny enough, will likely slump to 2nd spot at the box office to make way for Jordan Peele’s latest oeuvre.