Jordan Peele & Keegan-Michael Key Teaming Up For Animated Netflix Film


Jordan Peele is teaming up with his beloved comedy partner Keegan-Michael Key for an upcoming animated movie for Netflix. Variety reports that the film will be called Wendell and Wild and it follows two scheming demons who have to fight their arch-enemy in order to get out hell. 

Jordan and Meegan will voice the brothers, course, and Jordan will also play a part in writing the script. The duo is known for their former Comedy Central series Key & Peele that ran for five seasons with a total  53 episodes.

Jordan recently celebrated a major milestone as he became the first black writer to win an Academy Award for the Best Original Screenplay for his film Get Out. 

“I knew if someone let me make this movie, that people would hear it and people would see it,” he said while accepting his award. “I want to dedicate this to all the people who raised my voice and let me make this movie …] to everybody who went and saw this movie, everybody who bought a ticket, who told somebody to buy a ticket—thank you. I love you for shouting out at the theater, for shouting out at the screen. Let’s keep going.”