Jordan Peele Gets Uncomfortable By Desus & Mero’s Movie Pitch


Jordan Peele’s fresh off the release of his latest film, Us which broke box office records during its opening weekend. The movie marks another critical success for Peele following 2017’s Get Out. He already has a few projects coming up but Desus and Mero pitched a few ideas to the director for his follow-up to Us and suffice to say, he wasn’t really feeling them.

The Bronx duo are aiming to hit EGOT status. Their show could very-well land them an Emmy and they recently linked up with John Legend to create a potential Grammy-nominated single about analingus. During last night’s episode of Desus & Mero, the Bronx duo pitched a few horror movie ideas to a reluctant Jordan Peele. 

Desus pitched the first idea. “Two males from a borough in New York City: highly attractive, both minorities, both children of immigrants,” Desus said “They get a show off of their podcast—and then they just spend the money that they get from the company that produces the show. But the money’s haunted.” They suggested the title Spooky Bucks but ultimately, the idea was a dud to Peele. 

Later on, they pitch the idea of We Bought a Bronx Zoo with a mock film poster. “How did you let this happen?” Peele asked. “It makes me feel uncomfortable. I don’t know if I’m trying to see this movie,” he continued. “I think the vision of [Desus] head on a younger person’s body is really what’s making me feel uncomfortable.”

They later pitched Avengyerrrrrrrrs and The Bada Bing Babadook which both failed to impress Peele. However, the two later pitched Suck My Dick from the Back to the Future. “I don’t hate this idea; I think this just takes a real deft hand to pull it off without offending people,” Peel told Desus & Mero about the idea.

Peep the full clip below.