Jonathan Groff Records a ‘Frozen’ Voice Memo as Kristoff For Jimmy Fallon’s Kids: Watch


Jonathan Groff stopped by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Tuesday (Aug. 13) -- and didn't come empty-handed. 

"It's hard when you meet a kid, to say, 'I'm Kristoff in Frozen.' They're like, 'You're not blonde, you're not a cartoon, I don't know what you're talking about,'" Groff, who portrays the rugged mountain man in the 2013 hit Disney film, explained. "But then I make these little voice memos on my phone."

Groff then offered to record a voice memo as his character, Kristoff, for host Jimmy Fallon's children, Winnie and Frances, as a gift.

After proposing the idea to Fallon -- who obviously loved it -- he explained that he already got the song cleared by Disney. Then, acting as both Kristoff and Sven, the Broadway star sang an excellent, a capella rendition of "Reindeers Are Better Than People." 

During the appearance, Groff also talked about the upcoming Michael Mayer-directed show Little Shop of Horrors, which is happening on Sept. 17 off-Broadway at the Westside Theater. 

Watch the full clip below.