Jonas Brothers Discuss Filming Their ‘Cool’ Video in Miami & Reveal Why It Made Nick Jonas Cry: Watch


In this week’s episode of “How It Went Down,” Billboard catches up with the Jonas Brothers to find out how they created the Anthony Mandler-directed music video for their song “Cool” and why the brothers decided to set the retro visuals in sunny Miami.

The Jonas Brothers tell Billboard that they knew they wanted the video to have an '80s theme and that they wanted to film it somewhere warm, seeing as they were really cold while filming their video for “Sucker” in Hertfordshire, England.

“My whole vision was Wolf of Wall Street on vacation,” notes Joe Jonas. “So I am very excited to dance on the street with my homies. And I have a mustache, I'm combing my hair.”

“Then I showed up on the boardwalk with some parrots and some muscle builder people,” adds Kevin Jonas. “I felt inadequate next to that huge man. I felt like I'm a very small person…but I also had a captain hat. I was captain of the love boat.”

Asked what the hardest part about making the video was, Nick Jonas confesses that he has very sensitive eyes, so when there are bright lights shining in his face, he tends to tear up. “So we were performing the song, which is all about feeling really cool and feeling your best, and I was there crying,” he recalls.

As for how they want people to feel when they listen to “Cool,” Joe says he wants listeners to feel as though they are driving in a convertible, hair flowing in the wind, as they drive by unthreatening volcanoes and a sun with a cartoon smiley face.

“You put your hand in your pocket and you pull out a $20 dollar bill that you didn't knows was there,” Kevin adds. “Don’t you just love that feeling?”

You can hear the full story of how the Jonas Brothers created “Cool” by watching the video above.