Jonah Hill Skipped Out on a Very Important Meeting to Fly to Kanye West's Listening Party


Even some fresh ink honoring his sister wasn't enough to keep Jonah Hill out hot water with his family. The War Dogs star — who now sports more than half a dozen tats on his arms — dropped by Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Tuesday night (July 17) to talk about his new movie, Don't Worry, He Won't Get Far on Foot, his intense karate sessions with co-star Joaquin Phoenix and why his little sister, actress Beanie Feldstein is not happy with him.  

After showing Kimmel the block-letter tat on his forearm that reads Hello Beanie! in honor the Lady Bird star, Hill explained how his love for Kanye West recently got him in hot water. "How I'd be invited I don't know," the actor said about getting asked to attend Yeezy's Ye listening party in Wyoming last month. "How did I get invited was I wrote and directed my first movie, called Mid-90s, it comes out this year… and the producer is this legendary producer Scott Rudin."

As the story goes, Hill was in a serious 7 a.m. meeting with Rudin to talk about his directorial deubt when he got an email inviting him to Wyoming for the party. So, Hill, a West obsessive, explains to Rudin that the rapper wants to fly him out and put him up at one the nicest hotels in the state. With Rudin's blessing, Hill and the movie's co-producer, Eli Bush bolted from the meeting and went straight to a private airport and flew to Wyoming, where they ran into 2 Chainz and Fabulous once they landed. "It was really an epic, legendary thing," he said. "And we get to this hotel and it's the nicest hotel you've ever seen, but it's mad couples on their honeymoons. So it's couples on their honeymoons and Tity Boi and Charlamagne Tha God]."

There was just one problem. “I didn’t realize it was controversial to go support Kanye at that time,” Hill said. “Like my sister didn’t speak to me for a week because he had worn a MAGA hat and shit.” Hill, though, saw Kanye's embrace President Trump as more an Andy Kaufman performance art "swing and miss," explaining that he doesn't "bail on people right away. People fuck up and do stupid stuff. You shouldn’t bail on everybody right away… This guy has given me so much. He's my guy.”

Watch Hill talk about the listening party.