Jon Stewart Camps Out Under Stephen Colbert's Desk with Charity Contest Winner


The former “Daily Show” host set up shop beneath the “Late Show” furniture with the winner the Omaze raffle to benefit Next for Autism.

Jon Stewart dropped by The Late Show on Tuesday night (May 22) to catch up with friend and former colleague, Stephen Colbert.

The former Daily Show host emerged from under Colbert's desk with a fan who had won an Omaze raffle contest launched last November on the Late Show to win a “night under Stephen Colbert's desk” to benefit Next for Autism. The campaign raised $451,000.

During his monologue, Colbert introduced the winner, Rachel, who was camped out under his desk and helped deliver the punchline to one the host's opening jokes. Shortly after the opening monologue, Colbert went “live satellite” from under his desk to check on Rachel and special guest Stewart.

“It’s cozy,” Stewart said the locale.

Colbert routinely checked in on his desk pals throughout the segment, with Stewart and Rachel talking about such topics as the Royal Wedding while wearing hats and sipping tea and shuriken throwing stars — the latter which creating an uncomfortable scenario for Colbert. Eventually, Colbert could take no more and headed under the desk himself, where Stewart was hosting a surprise party for him.

Watch the video below.

This article originally appeared on THR.