Jon Daly Shares Lil Xan Diss Track "I'm Your Dad" & Lil Xan Responds


If someone could fill us in on how Lil Xan and comedian Jon Daly sparked any kind hate or banter in the past, it would be greatly appreciated. All questions aside, Jon has left people puzzled since his release a Xan diss track titled “I’m Your Dad.”

The photo for the song sees Jon doing his best impression Xan’s album cover where he’s shirtless, flaunting some tattoos – Jon’s being fake, course.

As for the song itself, Jon is heard rapping/singing with some bad autotune chanting that Xan’s “got teeth like he] still sucks his] thumb” repeating “baby teeth” a few times after. He even references Xan and Diplo’s single “Color Blind.”

The track has even sparked Xan to reply on Twitter, with a question for Jon. Check out their exchange below, listen to the tune and let us know what you think – would you call this a diss track or just a joke?