"Joker" Star Zazie Beetz Wants To Play Storm In The MCU’s X-Men


Zazie Beetz has made two successful entries into comic book movies at this point. First, she starred in Deadpool 2 as Domino, the X-Men gifted with the power of luck. Then, she joined Joaquin Phoenix in this year’s Joker flick. Both films broke records and won over fans worldwide, but now Beetz has her eyes on another superhero franchise, The X-Men. Beetz tried out for the role of Storm for X-Men: Apocalypse, but was ultimately beat out by Alexandra Shipp. Good thing she missed that role though since Apocalypse was the weakest film in the revived X-Men canon (everything from First Class on). 

Talking to ScreenGreek, Beetz was asked if she’d like another shot at Storm. “Yeah, I think I would be down,” Beetz said. “I guess obviously it depends on the script and it depends on if I think it’s a good script,” she continued. “I think it would be super fun to do that. Storm also essentially is such an iconic character. I mean it would be kind of big shoes to fill, I think. I wouldn’t want to confuse audiences too much and be all over the place. And now I’m doing DC as well. I think it would be super fun. I think it would be a dope opportunity.” Both Storm and Domino exist in the same film universe, so I doubt Disney would go for the idea, but who knows.