Johnny Marr Says 'Hi Hello' to the Old Style in New Single, Exclusive


Johnny Marr is making a reintroduction to a new world on his latest single “Hi Hello” from his forthcoming third solo record Call The Comet.

‘It was one the songs that just fell into my hands and mind as I was playing,” Marr tells Billboard. “The tune evoked something natural so I just followed it and it felt like I had to sing something personal, something we might all feel about someone sometime.”

The song loosely follows the overarching concept the next record, which is informed by an alternate utopian reality, even as Marr looks ahead at a dystopian future. It calls back to some the former Smiths songwriter’s most instinctive sensibilities with its jangly guitar and gloomy keyboard melodies, but they’re presented with a new depth that is distant yet inviting.

The video, directed by Marr and frequent collaborator Mat Bancrt, provides an extra layer dichotomy with its relaxed, sunny backdrop. “Like the song, the video needed to be natural. So we went to the park, I took my guitar and it all came together on a nice Spring morning,” Marr says.

As one his first ferings since 2014’s Playland, “Hi Hello” could not be more welcome. Call The Comet is set to be released June 15.  

Check out the video for “Hi Hello” below.