Johnny Manziel Says He’s Now Going By "John Manziel"


Johnny Manziel is looking to “turn the page and move forward a little bit” nowadays, which has prompted a slight name change. 

During an appearance on The Dan Patrick Show Monday morning, Manziel revealed that he’s simply going by John Manziel these days.

As part of his discussion with Dan Patrick, John[ny] addressed his brief stint in the Canadian Football League, as well as his even shorter stay as a member of the AAF’s Memphis Express.

Says Manziel (H/T TMZ Sports):

“I was so hungry to get back on the field and start playing, I took the first chance I could.”

“When I looked up a year later, things [in the CFL] weren’t exactly what I thought they’d be. When I signed in Hamilton with June Jones I thought it would be like a Colt Brennan Hawaii highlight film.”

“No regrets, it’s just one of the chapters I’ve closed the book on and moving forward now.”

When asked about what led to his departure from the CFL, Manziel didn’t provide much insight – but says he is happy with the way things turned out.

“I don’t want to go into detail, but looking back, I’m happy. Memphis was exactly what I needed in my life. First day being on the field with 11 men the game slowed down, it was perfect for me.”

The AAF has since disbanded so it’s unclear what the next move for John Manziel might be, but we’re sure he’ll draw some interest from Vince McMahon’s XFL when the inaugural season kicks off in 2020.