"John Wick" Franchise Gets A Female Assassin Spin-Off


It is fair to say the release of John Wick 3 was met with much success. After pulling in a total of $181 million dollars worldwide, the film was crowned as the most successful entry in the series to date. Following such massive success, a fourth installment to the franchise was announced and scheduled to release on May 21st, 2021. And now, new reports by UPROXX confirm the arrival of a spin-off which will focus on a female assassin (alias a female version of Keanu Reeve’s beloved character John Wick). Plans for the movie Ballerina about a“young assassin who seeks revenge for the murder of her family” were previously discussed in 2017, but never mentioned again until now. The production team has now gotten the green light. 

Director Len Wiseman, the same director who helmed John Wick‘s third chapter, is expected to helm Ballerina as well. Keanu Reeves is also expected to take on a producer role, however, there are no details as to whether the character of John Wick will make an appearance in the upcoming film. Thus far, the search is still undergoing to find the female assassin who will take on the titular role in Ballerina