John Wall Thinks Carmelo Anthony Needs To Sign With Denver Nuggets


Carmelo Anthony is still hoping to get a “farewell tour,” like Dwyane Wade had with the Miami Heat last season, but he remains a free agent with little to no evidence that he’s being seriously considered by any NBA teams. The 35-year old vet has not played since November 8 after a brief, 10 game stint with the Houston Rockets. 

While it remains to be seen which team, if any, will give Melo his “one last dance,” several players around the league have begun to weigh in on his options. Among them, Washington Wizards All Star John Wall, who thinks “the only way” it’s going to workout for Melo is if he returns to the Denver Nuggets.

Here are Wall’s thoughts on the Melo situation, according to NBC Sports’ Chase Hughes:

“The NBA has changed,” Wall told NBC Sports Washington. “You have to find that role where you might have to come off the bench. Melo has a resume that [says] ‘I don’t want to come off the bench.’ It’s the same as [Allen Iverson].”

“The Melo that we saw in the World Cup and the Olympic Games was the Melo everybody wanted to love,” Wall said. “In this new NBA, that’s what Melo has to be.”

“The only way it is really going to work for Melo is if he goes back to the Nuggets. It has to be a franchise you built something with,” Wall said.

The Nuggets drafted Carmelo third overall out of Syracuse in the 2003 NBA Draft, and he spent his first 7+ seasons with the franchise before he was traded to the New York Knicks. He recently opened up about his Denver days, specifically regarding the recent comments made by former teammate Chauncey Billups.

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