John Singleton’s Mother Accuses His Baby Mama Of Abandoning Him In Last Days


The world lost an iconic filmmaker when John Singleton passed away back in April. He lived a quiet life dedicated to his craft and throughout his career, for the most part, he kept his name away from salacious headlines and gossip. Yet, following his death, the drama surrounding his relationship with Rayvon Jones, the mother of one of his seven children, continues to be a cause of scandal. Now, TMZ reports that Singleton’s mother, Sheila Ward, is making claims that Jones did little to help her son in his last days despite there being warning signs that he was not well.

Ward, according to The Blast, has officially been appointed as the executor of her son’s estate after a bitter court battle with Singleton’s daughter, Cleopatra. On the heels of the news, Ward reportedly said that on the evening before Singleton suffered a stroke, Jones and Singleton engaged in an argument. He then got into a bath with their baby son, Seven, but Ward states that while inside of the tub, Singleton began to have tremors. His shakes became troubling enough that he almost needed help getting up before he became nauseous and vomited blood.

Jones shared her side of the story with TMZ and said that while she agrees that Singleton shared with her that he wasn’t feeling well that evening, she never saw him regurgitate blood. She claimed that Singleton believed that he had food poisoning, so that’s why she didn’t believe it was cause enough to call for an ambulance. Jones advised Singleton to calm himself by drinking tea and said she’s surprised that Ward would make such accusations because she never would have done anything to put Singleton’s life in danger.