John Singleton’s Ex Blasts BET Tribute, Thinks Nipsey Hussle’s Was Better


John Singleton’s baby mother has been raising hell lately after viewing BET’s tribute of the late director. The mother of one of Singleton’s children believed the whole thing was lacking and felt it was not as “full” as Nipsey Hussle‘s. Shelia Ward shared with TMZ that Tosha Lewis, the mother of Singleton’s 25-year-old daughter Maasai, came at BET’s neck for not spending enough time on John’s tribute as they did with Nipsey’s. Although the mother does not speak for the family as a whole and many of them do not share Tosha’s feelings, she still felt the need to let it be known that she was not satisfied with it at all. Lewis blasted the award show on Sunday Night in a public social media post wherein she stated: “They never featured anything Nipsey, but I guess he’s trendy nevermind John was talking and doing the same stuff as Nipsey since the 90s.”

Social media reacted to Lewis’ post by adding that BET did include a tribute to John which was delivered by Morris Chestnut and Snowfall star Damson Idris, but Lewis believes it was not enough when compared to Nipsey Hussle’s. Tosha also claims that Singleton’s family was not invited to the show, which is partially false because Singleton’s 26-year-old daughter, Justice, did get an invite.