John Singleton To Be Commemorated In Public Memorial At His Alma Mater USC


John Singleton’s passing marked the Hip Hop community profoundly. The producer’s contribution to the culture, through notable works like Boys N The Hood, have set him as an iconic figure in the hearts of many. While Hip Hop bid its farewell, a private memorial service was held in the late director’s city of Los Angeles to celebrate a life that was cut short due to health complications. Moreover, numerous notable faces were in attendance including Taraji P. Henson, Ludacris, and Congresswoman Maxine Waters amongst others.

Most recently, TMZ reports further confirmed a public memorial service would be held in remembrance of Singleton. The latter will occur at the famed producer’s alma mater, the University of Southern California. Thus far, details reveal many celebrities have already RSVP’d and furthermore intricacies are still being discussed in terms of who will speak and/or perform. However, a date has already been set for the event and it is scheduled to occur at USC on May 21st from 11 AM to 2 PM. The celebration will serve as a public sendoff meant to include the presence of fans, friends, and family of the legendary filmmaker. Lastly, TMZ adds that the aforementioned happening will be free.

RIP John Singleton.