John Singleton Not In A Coma, According To Daughter


John Singleton’s admittance to the hospital is now bringing on some complicated family matters. As we posted yesterday, the famed movie director was reported to be in a coma after suffering a stroke in the hospital. John’s mother, Sheila Ward, was petitioning to be her son’s temporary conservator so she could handle some of the lucrative business deals he reportedly had going. 

It looks as though things have taken an interesting turn, since John’s daughter Cleopatra has now stated that her father is by no means in a coma, detailing how he’s “progressing every day,” The Blast reports.  

John Singleton Not In A Coma, According To Daughter
Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

Cleopatra thinks her father could be out of the ICU in five days and says he’s breathing on his own and “is only medically sedated to keep his blood pressure low and allow the vessels in his brain to heal.” She adds that he’s even smiled on a few occasions. 

When it comes to Sheila, Cleopatra is fighting to make sure her grandmother is not John’s conservator stating that she plans to abuse her power and liquidate his assets. Apparently, Sheila is already John’s personal and business manager and Cleopatra believes someone such as John’s grandfather or brother should take the role of the conservator.