John Elway Feels Like Joe Flacco Is "Coming Into His Prime"


Ever since Peyton Manning left the Denver Broncos, the team has been in disarray. In order to be successful in the NFL, you need to have a talented quarterback that can get you through tough stretches of the season. Unfortunately for the Broncos, they haven’t had that these past couple of seasons and in the offseason, the team traded for former Baltimore Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco. Flacco has a Super Bowl to his name but in recent seasons he has been so inconsistent that last year, he lost his job to rookie QB Lamar Jackson.

Despite Flacco’s recent struggles, Broncos legend, and general manager John Elway opted not to draft a quarterback this year as they are putting all of their confidence in Flacco.

John Elway Feels Like Joe Flacco Is "Coming Into His Prime"

Patrick Smith/Getty Images

“Our comfort with Joe enabled us to pass on a quarterback,” Elway told NBC Sports’ Peter King. “What made that decision is, Joe is fitting really well with what we want to do offensively, and he looked great in our minicamp last week.”

In fact, Elway is so convinced that Flacco is their guy, he’s saying the 34-year-old is about to reach his peak.

“He really put on a throwing exhibition last week in camp,” Elway said. “I truly think we’ve got a guy coming into his prime.”

Are all of the Broncos fans out there in agreement with Elway or is the season already a lost cause?