Joey Bada$$ Teases New Track: "F*** The King Of New York, I’m The King Period"


The King Of New York debate ran rampant in barbershops and social media alike. 6ix9ine declared himself the King Of New York at the height of his short-lived career which sparked the debate in the first place. While many agreed, a few decided to distance themselves from the conversation such as Joey Bada$$

“All that king talk is cool and all but I just made 100+ racks yesterday off features,” he wrote on Instagram in March 2018. “Another quarter mil off ghostwriting. Another 120k off an endorsement (front end). Not to mention the half a mil I brought in from touring about a month ago, plus I’m going on tour AGAIN in April. Plus another 300k in royalties coming in this month…Sheesh and that’s just the first quarter.”

In the debut episode of Joey’s new docu-series, The Life I Live, the rapper revisits the conversation. While previewing a new song towards the end of the episode, he previews a new track where he declares himself the king, period. “Fuck the King of New York, I’m the king period,” he raps.

This isn’t the first time he’s addressed the King Of New York topic. On his verse on the “King’s Dead Freestyle” with XXXTENTACION, the rapper made it clear that he’s chasing after the bag, not a title.

“I said I made a few millions in some weeks, bitch/ Hey, told the world about it, ain’t no secret/ You n***as worried ’bout the crown, worried ’bout the crown/ Fuck it, you can tell them clowns they could keep it,” he raps.

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